As a FRIEND OF PRATHYASHA, I would like to sponsor one of the following schemes given below on   which is occasion. You may wish the donor on   .  

DearWell Wisher,

Prathyasha, is the home to about 2 dozen children. This home has turned into a Home of Hope for these 2 dozen children. There is one thing common to these children. All of them have been affected by the silent killer disease AIDS. Most of these children are from financially dire situations. While we know there is no cure for AIDS, proper treatment keeps the virus under control and that means people can live a long and healthy life.

This home is run by Mellow Circle, a small group of friends who have made a commitment to make the life of these children more meaningful. Their level of commitment is inclusive of providing food, shelter, clothing, education and medical assistance for these children. These children have now been given chance to lead a fairly healthy life and a new hope of living a longer life.

Prathyasha is run purely on contributions and donations from people who want to be part of providing this lease on life. If by your contribution, a child's life gets extended by a few years:if by your contribution child's quality of life improves then, I am sure you want to do something. You can sponsor the complete needs of a child food, clothing, education, medication making a huge and very meaningful difference in their lives You can choose from any one of the options provided below.

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